1 Consultancy & Market Research - Project Study

Are you looking to optimize your purchasing costs and source your product needs from a highly competitive manufacturing market? Aby6 offers you a feasibility study for your project. In studying your project, we focus on three main points:

• Understanding the product so we can find the right supplier
Together we study your product, its production process, its components in all their detail, its specific product standard requirement such as ISO, CE, or NF; this information enables us to locate the supplier who will best meet your needs.

• Project cost
We offer suggestions and recommendations for your procurement project. Finding the right supplier isn’t enough: after understanding your product needs, we work together to assess volume options to ensure you get the most economically viable solution in terms of your storage costs, procurement dates, annual volume and working capital requirements.

• Timeline
We can determine the best transport solution for your needs. Aby6 offers various transport options (air, maritime, land) ranging from 1 to 5 weeks, which can be adapted to meet your timeline and budget.

2 Sourcing - Manufacturer Search & Audit

In collaboration with our supplier park, Aby6 constantly seeks out and audits new manufacturers. We advise and assist companies in optimizing project procurement safely and economically by avoiding middle-men. In fact we make sure we work directly with the factories and production units.

Although a manufacturer search can easily be accomplished online, or via one’s network and professional recommendations, negotiations become a formidable challenge given the language barrier and the way business is conducted in the country. These obstacles are overcome by the proximity, both technical and cultural, of our buyers to potential vendors. With a bi-cultural, Sino-French team well-versed in negotiation and purchasing methods, Aby6 ensures the final product meets your specifications.

Once you provide us with the specifications for the product you are seeking, we select and audit the manufacturers best-suited for your project. There are six fundamental aspects to this audit:

• Administration and finance

• Production

• Quality management system

• Social conditions and environment

• Participating businesses

• Internal management and processes

Upon request, Aby6 can also perform supplementary audits after a review of special inspection points in the client’s specifications.
The objective is to ensure you get the best price-quality ratio.

3 Product Development - Sampling

Aby6 offers all the services you need to launch a new product. Based on your design and technical specifications, we study and verify:

• Technical feasibility of the project

• The production method plan

• Costs and timelines for samples

• Costs and timelines for flow production

We use specific methodology, collaborating with qualified partners for new product development projects. An upstream feasibility study enables verification of the viability of your innovation. Starting with a prototype, we check the product’s technical characteristics, confirm its compliance with relevant standards and estimate final production costs. Flow production is then organized and scheduled based on the terms of the contract.

Aby6 oversees the development of both ODM and OEM products:

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product is a standard product that is already available on the market. We seek out the suppliers best able to provide you with the product you need, which you can then personalize for your brand: logo, color changes, stickers, packaging, etc.

An ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) product is a product that does not yet exist on the market. Based on your design and technical specifications, our team of research and development engineers develops your concept and creates your brand new product.

4 Production Monitoring

For each order, Aby6 sends a dedicated team to monitor and inspect each stage of production. Our buyers directly coordinate monitoring activities with our permanent, on-site inspectors to guarantee the speed and agility necessary to respecting our client commitments.

Aby6 monitors proper execution of production orders and ensures the appropriate means and methods are used in the production process (procurement of raw materials, production line assembly, and quality control both during and after production).

5 Quality Control

In order to ensure that the products you order match your specifications, Aby6 provides on-site quality control focused on the following areas:

• Verification of product quality and quantity
In order to control production upstream, we have production samples made, which we then provide to you for confirmation. We follow, in detail, your quality control stipulations.
We check the product’s physical and technical characteristics, as well as its resistance, reliability, appearance and performance.
Additionally, we can apply a quality control methodology tailored to your specifications (for instance, random or 100% testing) in those cases where you need focused quality control on a specific aspect of the product.
We verify the quantity of products ordered when they leave the factory.

• Inspection of packaging
We verify packaging quality (sturdiness, protection, material, palletization, fumigation, etc.).
We check packaging information for transport and the quality of labels (stickers, barcodes, shipping marks, etc.).

• Inspection of product standards compliance
Working with accreditation and quality control organizations, such as Cotecna, SGS, TUV or Bureau Veritas, we ensure that licenses and certificates are all in compliance with appropriate standards.

6 Logistics & Customs Administration

To facilitate product importation, Aby6 handles all the following administrative and customs procedures :

• International and domestic logistics
Incoterms, selection of forwarding agents, quotations, international payments, transport operations, shipping documents, insurance, monitoring of delivery schedules, and contact with the forwarding agent for sea, air or land transport.
Our structure enables us to operate with all incoterms (International Commerce Terms).
Our services can include monitoring and all costs up through delivery to you.
In general, we work with FOB, DDP, DDU, CIF, EXW, etc., but we can offer other incoterm services on a case-by-case basis.

• Customs operations and regulations
Customs procedures and taxes, access modalities for the each market, current regulations, import procedures and regulations.

• Documents
Receipt and verification of documents sent by suppliers: maritime bill of lading (BL, AWB, etc.), invoice, packing list, insurance certificate, inspection certificate, certificate of origin, etc.
Creation, monitoring and rigorous verification of documents to be submitted to banks for collaborations by letter of credit, etc. (D/P, D/A, transfer of L/C).

• Additional services
Re-packaging solutions, inventory clearance and packaging (pick and pack services), warehousing, labeling, final order preparation and client dispatch.